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    Arn Brien

      Hi Experts,


      I am stuck with action trigger. I have a requirement of start date and end selection , so that users can select data with the date range in start date to end date as well as starttime to endtime . first I opted with the calendar object & the date selection is better but in calendar object we may not select the time.

      So the alternate object decided to use multibox. here kept two multiboxes

      1. startdate & start time ,
      2. enddate, & endtime


      To achieve this I followed the strategy of triggers. But unfortunately I may be skipping something or doing some how wrong. I am attaching the test model for your checking and hoping your assistance to get result.

      Thank you

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          Stefan Wühl

          I think it would be better to combine the date and time in your calendar in one field, because you might want to be able to select something like today, 20:00:00 to tomorrow 13:00:00.


          Then just create a button with Select - Select in field action.


          See attached.

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              Arn Brien

              Thanks for your quick response Swuel.


              the requirement is:

              if one will select the start date and only end date the data should be filter.

              In case one need to check the status hourly basis then also the data should filter accordingly


              ex. if user want to see tickets booked '01/apr/14' to '10/apr/14' date. it should show the data in between dates for all the time.


              if you want to see what is the booking in between '01/apr/14' date's 5PM to '10/apr/14' date's 7 PM then also data should be filtered accordingly .


              Also if you want to see the Booking trend in between only time 5PM to 7 PM without selecting date then it should show the all date's data but in between time 5PM to 7PM.


              Hence I want to keep Date and Time seperately so that it will allow user to analyse data in all around .

              like if date wise as well as time wise seperately or Datetime cominely what ever user wants.


              Hope I elaborate the requirement properly.

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                  Stefan Wühl

                  You just need to think how you want to make the sematics of the selection transparent to the use (since selection e.g. in start time and end time has different meaning then depending on the chosen selection use case).


                  Attached is a sample with three buttons.

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                      Arn Brien

                      Yes Exactly I need the same result but as per client requirement I shouldn't keep button in the design level.

                      So would you please suggest if it is possible to trigger the same action automatically in stead of executing through button. ?


                      like once user select the Date or Time in the dropdown the data will filter without extra clicking on the button to execute .


                      Thanks ..!!