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    ravindraa ravindraa

      could you Gide me how to write the framework in qlikview , i mean what is the

      Extraction Framework how can we do that,

      Transformation frame work how can we do that,

      Loading frame work how can we do that,

      Testing frame work how can we do that


      please give me suggestion if any one knows.

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          Sundarakumar Kalaimani

          Hi Ravi,

          May be its something like wireframe. I Think its just a mock up they are looking for.

          May be they want to know how u r about to pull data into qilkview, do data modeling and how their ui would look at last.

          Ask for some sample data or create some if u know how the data is going to be present there. Create ODBC connections to pull data, do data modeling with the sample u created and create the required charts. and create a sample dashboard.

          Just a Thought.

          Hope this helps.