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    QlikView Expressor connection error

      Hi guys,


      Please have a look at the image below:


      I am unable to connect to a servers DB. I am very sure that I have inserted the right parameters and values in the necessary fields before hand. Even the MySQL driver is installed. Any idea what am I doing wrong? Please advise. Thanks.


      Best Regards,


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          Juan Gerardo Cabeza Luque

          Have you checked if your DSN appears in All Programs --> QlikView --> expressor3 --> system tools --> Data Sources (ODBC)? You have to create the DSN in ODBC 32.

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            What MySQL database are you trying to connect to: enterprise or community?


            With enterprise, you should create your connection using the driver shipped with Expressor; do not create an ODBC DSN, create a database connection by selecting the driver from the top dropdown in the wizard.


            For community, you must obtain and install the ODBC driver, but once you do you can create a connection by selecting MySQL from the middle dropdown in the wizard.  Again, do not create an ODBC DSN.  Check the documentation for the proper version of the driver to install.


            This screen appears when the connection to the database fails and indicates either that the driver is incorrect, that the connection details are incorrect, or that the database is not properly configured.  Can you connect to the database using an ODBC client such as DBVisualizer or Toad?

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                Hi John,


                Am using the community version, but somehow with QlikView itself its working but when using the QlikView Expressor it's not working as expected. I did download the driver and tried creating a connection but once again, failed.


                So would you happen to know what am doing wrong here? Any suggestion?


                P/S: Sorry for the late reply, was rushing a deadline.


                Best Regards,


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                Hello to everybody!


                I have the same problem with QVE 3.12.

                I used MySQL Community 5.1.73 (64 bit) and MySQL ODBC Driver 5.3.4 (64 bit) (tried with 5.2.7 too) .

                Maybe I should select a default driver somewhere?


                Can anybody help me?