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    Data-entry extension



      first of all, i'm a french student, so please forgive my poor english level.


      I'm presently doing an internship and my subject is to develop an object extension in which you can enter data. For exemple, it can be usefull for budgeting or planning. I know it's possible cause I found the project Kliqplan on the internet which is nearly what I have to do. Of course, given that I'm working alone on this project, I don't have to do something so complicated. The problem is that I discovered Qlikview last monday, so it's a bit hard for me.


      The project can be separated in three parts, hmi, webservice and db. My internship last four months but I have to present it to the university in two months, so my mentor said if i finish the hmi part it's enough for the presentation.


      Now that i finished my presentation I can ask my questions =)


      I'm searching how to create a table which display data, for exemple the budget for january and february, with another column in which i can enter data for the next month. Can you help me to do so ?


      And my other question is about reloading data in the model. Once I have enter my data in the third column, is it possible with a button to reload data in the model ?