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    Problem when Creating a Personalized Directory Service Provider:Need Help

      I am currently trying to build a custom Directory Service Provider (DSP) for Version 11 of QlikView to allow custom users to connect to QlikView Server.

      So firstly I created a custom provider named FGProvider based on the discussion under this threat: http://www.qlikcommunity.com/thread/88384.

      It works fine and as you can see in the screenshot bellow from the QMC.




      I already have an Active Directory, Custom directory and Configurable ODBC set for this QV server. So I added FGProvider (my personal directory service I want to use) that contains some users.

      However when I go to the user management to add the users to the document, I cannot see this provider nor the active directory.


      I checked in the server log and here is some information:



      I removed the provider from the Directory Service Connectors and I noticed that the server is still giving the same warning: "Warning:No directory service provider matching path FG://FGUser and type webservice found”.


      Can someone help me to figure out why I can’t see FGProvider in the directory when looking for users?

      Is there any more information you would need in order to help me, please let me know?

      I really hope some of you can help me.