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    Log-in fails without error

      Hi there,


      When I try to log-in with my Active Directory Account "PROLEIT-AG\ROBERT_ARENZ":


      I just get an empty page back:



      The Directory Service Connector “Active Directory” is configured and running – as tested by enumerating users, see below.

      Also the CAL is assigned - but never used



      The QlikView installation is of version 11.20 SR 6.

      The QlikView host is NOT member of the domain “proleit-ag”. (But the client is, of course)


      The QlikView Web Server is configured to

      - Authentication = Login

      - Type = Ntlm

      - Login adress = Alternate login page


      The web server’s log file is not helpful:

      Information            Request received [POST]: http://localhost/QvAJAXZfc/Authenticate.aspx?back=/qlikview/FormLogin.htm
      Information            Login: PROLEIT-AG\ROBERT_ARENZ failed.
      Error                        Request failed: This operation cannot be performed after the response has been submitted.
      Information            Request received [GET]: http://localhost/qlikview/FormLogin.htm


      The directory service’s log file doesn’t show any error:

      Information            Attempting to start DSC soap server at port 4730...
      Information            (ActiveDirectory.ActiveDirectoryProvider) Looking up RootDSE: LDAP://proleit-ag.local/RootDSE
      Information            (ActiveDirectory.ActiveDirectoryProvider) Looking up node:
      Information            (ActiveDirectory.ActiveDirectoryProvider) Finding nCName: DC=proleit-ag,DC=local
      Information            (ActiveDirectory.ActiveDirectoryProvider) Searching for netbiosname...
      Information            (ActiveDirectory.ActiveDirectoryProvider) Search hit: LDAP://proleit-ag.local/CN=PROLEIT-AG,CN=Partitions,CN=Configuration,DC=proleit-ag,DC=local with netbiosname proleit-ag and ncname: dc=proleit-ag,dc=local
      Information            (ActiveDirectory.ActiveDirectoryProvider) Adding netbiosname proleit-ag as primary domain qualifier
      Information            (LocalDirectory.LocalDirectoryProvider) Setting up path local://SVBH-V9-CSM
      Information            Initializing done


      For test purposes I've configured also a second connector to the local directory. Using local accounts is working as intended.


      Any suggestions would be very welcome to me.


      Thanks in advance,


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          Bill Britt

          Hi Robert,


          QlikView doesn't do Authentication. That is Windows Job. You need to make sure you are using the default login page and NTLM.






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              Hi There,


              Bill wrote: "QlikView doesn't do Authentication. That is Windows and Job."

              That was not clear for me before and it makes completly sense.

              So I have to make sure that windows on the QlikView server is able to authenticate the given credentials. Either by adding the QlikView server to the domain (where it isn't) or by creating a local account with the same user name / password combination.


              Bill also wrote: "You need to make sure you are using the default login page and NTLM."

              This is not essential and partly wrong because I could use an alternate login page (webform) also.


              Anyway, this problem is solved now by adding the QlikView server to the domain. Thank you Bill!



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                Hi Bill,


                I am facing the same issue 'Log In failed' while accessing Access Point through the Share Point. (as per our requirement we have a link in sharepoint list on clicking the link we can access a perticualr dashboard in access point)

                I have downloaded QlikView 11 IE plug in. I checked in our QMC and the setting is same as you have mentioned in the above screenshot. i.e

                Authentication: Always

                Type: Ntlm

                Log In Address - Default Log In Page..


                But the thing is,same is working fine for some of my colleauge and for some others it is giving the error message 'log In failed'.


                Please Advise.


                Thanks In Advance