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    Managing access with a hierarchy

      Hi all,

      I have this situation.


      I have one document qvw in which there is a table like this:



      Europe, France, Paris

      Europe, Germany, Berlin

      America, USA, New York


      Some of my users need to access only at the level of city; someone else needs to access to the data of a country or of a continent and some other users need to access to the whole world. The table of the permissions will be something like this:



      A, *

      B, Europe

      C, France

      D, Berlin

      E, USA


      The only restriction that I have is to use Publisher and not the Section Access.


      I did some test on the QMC under the tab "Distribute - Loop field in document", but I can't understand how to integrate this functionality with hierarchy access.

      Is there someone else who had the same problem?

      Thanks a lot, best regards