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    Scalability Matrix calculation

    Suman Dhar

      We have 32GB RAM and approx average 100 mb size of application.
      Average application count is 80. Concurrent users-30 and currently cpu utilization 40%.
      we have 300 license on the server we want to increase 100 more.We are using QV 10.

      I have gone through the scalability matrix but not understood the below formula.

      It will be great if anyone help me abot this.

      RAM = (RAMuser × No. users) + RAMinitial
      RAM〗initial = QVWsizedisk × FileSizeMultiplier; this is the initial RAM footprint for any application
      RAM〗user =〖RAMinitial × userRAMratio; this is the RAM each incremental user consumes
      QVWsizedisk = SourceData × (1 - CompressionRatio); this is the size, on disk, of a
      QlikView file