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    Graphing multiple Expressions for multiple selections on a Dimension.

      Is there a way to chart multiple expression that share the same dimensions for multiple selections without resorting to overlay charts?  For example my dimensions are SYS_DATE and SYSTEM with an Expression of (AVG_DAILY_BUSY).   With one expression I can select 1 or multiple SYSTEMs and each will get its own line on the chart.  With the addition of a second expression (MAX_HOURLY_BUSY) when I select a System it charts both expressions for the SYSTEM dimension, but one can no longer chart multiple systems, in fact selecting multiple systems now results in a blank chart.


      With one expression:

      With two expressions one dimesion selected:


      With two expresions multiple dimensions selected:


      What I really want is to be able to select one to multiple Systems and chart both expressions for all selected.  I know I can do this with overlays, but thinking there is a much more elegant solution here?