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    Regular Expressions RegExp

    Ralf Becher


      we're using a VBScript Function to test regular expressions (similar to the cookbook example) in our load script.

      Sometimes QV crashes with general script error, not depending on data or pattern. Is there an issue with VBScript stability in QV?

      How are your experiences with regexp in QV?


        • Regular Expressions RegExp
          Oleg Troyansky


          I haven't had any experience with regexp, but in general, I noticed that macro stability is far worse than regular QlikView/QlikView script's stability. I also noticed that VBScript functions slow down the load process a lot, especially noticeable on large data sets.

          I used to have a lot of fun with macros (as you could say, looking at my "QlikView Explorer" and "Colors" samples), but lately I'm trying to stay away as much as possible.

          just my two cents...


            • Regular Expressions RegExp
              Ralf Becher


              I know all this. But it's mostly the VBScript call, not the function itself is slowing down the script process (but also limit it to single cpu processing).

              In this case we can live with the lower performance. We need it for our data profiling app.

              Would be nice if regexp could become a QV script function. How else you could do things like this?


            • Regular Expressions RegExp
              Rob Wunderlich

              Hi Ralf,

              I use RegExp a fair bit in script macros and haven't encountered any stability problems.

              I do encounter stability problems when using macros in the UI and only use them there as a last resort. Using macros as script functions, I haven't encountered any problems.