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    Plotting Summary Statistics




      I have 3 variables:



      School Name

      First Q: I have a scatter chart where I plot Avg(Score) vs. Avg(Price) with School Name as the dimension. I'm using this set to restrict values using in calculating average price:

      Avg( {<price={">0<5000000"}>} ([price]))

      I'd also like to exclude school names that include "*Cnty*" from the graph, but I can't figure out the set expression to do that and whether I do it in the variables or the dimension of the scatter chart.

      Second Q: I'd like to create a second graph that looks like:

      X = Discrete groupings of Avg List Price - e.g. Average List Price >0<=500,000, >500,000<=750,000, etc

      Y = Average Score based on the X groupings.