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    Qlikview Integration with Oracle RightNow Web Portal

    Lalit Chaudhary

      Hello Everyone,


      I have came across a requirement in which client requirement is to integrate the Qlikview Application with Oracle Rightnow. Does anybody have any idea about this. How  this can be done???



      Thanks in Advance.





        • Re: Qlikview Integration with Oracle RightNow Web Portal
          Clint Carr

          Your best course of action here would be to ensure you have Workbench integration (this is a separately licensed QlikView product).


          Then you can use DIV Tag integration to embed QlikView application components into your portal.


          Alternatively,  if you just need to embed the entire application you can investigate using iFrames.  As each application is URL addressable you can embed the iFRAME into the portal.