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    Javascript based editor won't work in extension object

      I am developing an extension object for text input. We allow HTML text so I was looking at using one of the open source solutions like www.ckeditor.com.


      I put the ckeditor folder in my extension object folder, and putting a simple test html page (ckeditor.htm) works fine. But if I try to output the exact same HTML into my extension object then just a regular old textarea appears in my extension object and not the rich test editor I expect.


      The first error I ran into (or debugged rather) was the fact that apparently extension objects don't have access to anything below the root folder (that seems insane to me). The workaround I found is to add a Definition.xml to the subdirectory and that magically gives it access. I can confirm the .js file loads because if I add an alert in there then I see that alert pop up when my extension object pops up.


      Any ideas why this isn't working?