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    How to suppress Nulls but not Zeros

      Hey all,


      I am currently creating line charts based off of two values Plan and Actual. They will be pulling data from each month of the year. Essentially, I created the charts successfully by overlaying multiple charts over one another. However, the issue I am running into is the fact that some of the tables have null values (for months that have not been entered yet). I would like to suppress the entries that have no value entered (null), but I want to keep the entries with a value of 0. Is there any way to hide the null values? Here is a picture to better explain what I need to do:




      As you can see above, I have been using a background color expression to hide values below the Actual field to deal with nulls. Here is the expression I am using for background color:  =if(below(EISDataQualityActual),color(1),red(0))     The only issue with this expression is that as you can see, it will not display the symbol for the current data points.


      Anyone got any ideas?