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    Problem executing multiple SQL statements



      I successfully established ODBC connection.


      Now when I write multiple SQL Statements, one after another, only the 1st one executes successfully whereas the subsequent one fails/doesn't do anything.


      I wan to understand the following:


      1. Why only  the first one executes? How can I make 2nd SQL satement work? When it didn't work in the same tab I created another tab and put it there and reloaded script still it executed first one but the second one remained untouched. DO I need ODBC connection string in each tab? Do I need Load statement for each SQL, if YES, why the 1st one executed without Load statement?

      2. Is there a way I can go to Edit Script --> Data Tab --> Select --> Create Select Statement window --> Script and write my SQL there so that it executes against my Database that I am connected to and get my desired results?