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    load inline name group of numbers

      In my Qlikview document I need a list of birth regions. I do have postal codes and I have a list of which postal codes belong to what region.

      My problem is: how do I load this in the SQL load file?


      if the postal code is between 1000 and 1299 it has to load Noord-Holland, between 1300 and 1379, Flevoland and so on.


      We are talking about numbers from 1000 until 9999 so writing them all under each other would be a horrible task.


      I would appreciate all the help you can give me!

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          anbu cheliyan

          Table1 has Postal code

          Table2 has Postal code range, region


          So do you want to get region for Postal code in table1? Is this your problem?

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              i have a table with people and there postal code. What i want is an ISO 3166-2:NL code attached to each person. It is for mapping.

              I found a list on the internet with postal code ranges and a table with ISO 3166-2:NL codes matching the region

              so i have this:

              table 1: person

              namepostal code

              list with postal codes per region:

              Postal codesRegion
              1000 - 1299Noord-Holland
              1300 - 1379Flevoland

              list with region and ISO 3166-2 codes:

              RegionISO code


              Now i want to match the ISO code to the person so Jan and Piet both live in ISO code NL-NH

              The mapping works only with the ISO codes

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                  anbu cheliyan

                  Sql Select Name, Left(PostalCode,4) as PostalCode from Table1

                  Sql Select SubField(PostalCode,'-',1) as BeginPostalCode, SubField(PostalCode,'-',2) as EndPostalCode, Region From Table2

                  IntervalMatch(PostalCode) Sql Select BeginPostalCode, EndPostalCode From Table2


                  Then you can join the result of above sql to your third table to get ISO code

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                      it didn't work with sql select, but i searched a couple of pages about IntervalMatch and found that i could do it like this:



                      LOAD Stad,


                           Left(postcode,4) as postcode_cijfers,




                      [Maps test.xlsx]

                      (ooxml, embedded labels, table is Blad1);



                      LOAD A as BeginPostcode,

                           B as EindPostcode,

                           C as Provincie,

                           D as ISO


                      [Maps test.xlsx]

                      (ooxml, explicit labels, table is Blad2);




                      load Distinct BeginPostcode, EindPostcode Resident postcodes;



                      problem is that he gives me 4 tables now


                      sorry for the dutch names in the tables. don't think you need them. Mayby only personen=persons and postcodes=postalcodes

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                  ioannis giakoumakis

                  use the interval match function