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    "Now loading... please wait" dialog shown indefinitely in QMC

    Göran Sander

      Starting a few weeks back we have had problems with the QMC not working properly.


      It happens in a few different places in the QMC, the common denominator is however that a dialog is to be shown, but never succeeds in doing so.

      For example, when trying to assign Names CALs to users, the dialog below is shown.

      Same thing when trying to edit a job's schedule, and various other places where dialogs are used.


      Restarting the QV Management Service sometimes resolves the problem, but not always. And the problem comes right back half an hour later.


      The server in question is a relatively new (3-4 months) Windows 2012 Server, running QV 11.20 SR5.


      Any ideas?



      Edit: I have tried connecting to the server in question from a couple of different QV servers, the problem is the same no matter where I connect from.