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    generate date for intervalMatch

    Thierry Theyskens



      I've need to create an historic based on a interval match I want to generate. For my interval match, I need 2 fields. DATE FROM, DATE TO. But I don't have the Date_To as this is the DATE_From of the next line.



      Name      Team          EnterDate

      Barack          A           01/01/2014

      Barack          B           10/01/2014

      Barack          C           20/01/2014

      Bill                A           02/01/2014


      I'd like to have this:


      Name          Team     EnterDate     OutDate

      Barack           A         01/01/2014     10/01/2014

      Barack           B         10/01/2014      20/01/2014

      Barck             C          20/01/2014     Present

      Bill                 A         02/01/2014      Present


      How could I generate the forth column?


      Thx for your help