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    QlikView access outside the server domain

      I tried to open some ports like 7474 and 7435 and found that only would help, but it did not work.

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          Ronnie Taborn

          Ports used by QlikView.


          NameNoteProtocollocal Port
          QlikView ServerQV.exe  / QlikOCX using qvp://TCP4747
          QlikView Server TunnelInternal tunnel communicationTCP4774
          QMC / QEMC TCP4780
          Comand Center * TCP4710
          Distribution Service TCP4720
          Directory Service Connector TCP4730
          Directory Service Connector (DMS or Custom) TCP4735
          WebServer TCP4750
          Remote QMS TCP4799
          Qvs.exeQVS cluster broadcastUDP 14747
          Comand Center *SNMPUDP4711
          Management ServiceSNMPUDP4781
          QlikView ServerSNMPUDP4748
          Distribution ServiceSNMPUDP4721