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    Extension Properties (QVPP) issue



      I am trying to customize the QVPP file for one of my extension.


      There is no issue in adding a new Select field in Definition.XML and properties.qvpp.

      However, I see the issue in the extension dialog box.

      whenever I select some value from the newly added dropdown, selection gets cleared when i come out of web view mode and select the web view mode again.


      Can anyone help me out to figure out what is the issue.



      <Text Type="select" Select="Arial,Calibri,Verdana" SelectLabel="Arial,Calibri,Verdana"/>





      <select style='width:40%;' avq='mySelect:.Chart.Text.0.Content'>

        <option value='Arial'>Arial</option>

        <option value='Calibri'>Calibri</option>

        <option value='Verdana'>Verdana</option>