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    PDF Creation does not work



      I have a problem with my PDF Creation from mgm console. It stopped working 2w ago and I get this error in the logfile.



      (2014-05-08 10:38:33) Error: Could not print report. ErrorCode=PRINTER_NOT_FOUND. ReportID=Document\RP07


      (2014-05-08 10:38:33) Error: Could not save document stream to disk.. Exception=QVBWrapper.Exceptions.PdfPrintRetryException: Failed to print pdf.


      (2014-05-08 10:38:33) Error: at QVBWrapper.Document.GeneratePdfFile(ILogBucket logBucket, String reportId)


      (2014-05-08 10:38:33) Error: at QVBWrapper.Document.GetStream(ILogBucket i_LogBucket, eDocumentType i_DocumentType, String i_URL, Boolean i_ShowToolBar, String i_ReportID)


      (2014-05-08 10:38:33) Information: Closing the document.


      (2014-05-08 10:38:34) Information: Closed the QlikView Engine successfully. ProcessID=4072


      (2014-05-08 10:38:39) Information: Retry <1> of <5> to get document package.


      (2014-05-08 10:38:39) Error: Failed to generate QVW File package.. Exception=QDSMain.Exceptions.NoDocumentPackageFoundException: No Document Package found.


      (2014-05-08 10:38:39) Error: at QDSMain.DistributeHelper.GetDocumentPackage(ILogBucket logBucket, IDictionary`2 duplicateList, Document document, eDocumentType documentType, String url, Boolean showToolBar, String reportID, Int32 maxRetries, Int32 currentRetry)


      (2014-05-08 10:38:39) Error: at QDSMain.DistributeHelper.GrabPDFFile(ILogBucket i_LogBucket, FilePackageContainer i_ParentFilePackageContainer, String i_FileName, Dictionary`2 i_DuplicateList, Document i_Document)


      (2014-05-08 10:38:39) Information: Deleting temporary files.





      I can run the report manually from the application but it does not work from mgm console.


      Any ideas?