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    Qlikmap free extension coordinates format

      Hi all,


      i'm referring to the following below youtube on free Qlikmap extension. I have downloaded the  free Qlikmap extension.( Do not confuse with Qlikmaps which is commercial)


      Geographic Mapping - YouTube



      I have created the excel that contains the coordinates required for Qlikmap. But went I import the excel into qlikview and create the Qlikmap object, the qlikmap show the grey area as attached the screenshot. I find out later is because my coordinates format in excel is wrong. Coordinates format consist of both the latitude and longitude with the separator(either it is comma or dot).


      I have tried the following coordinates format:


      11.651, 92.7307

      11.651. 92.7307

      11.651  92.7307


      Yet the qlikmap still shows grey area. Please advise.


      Also i don't understand the option region dimension as shown in screenshot? What is that option and how it is used for map?