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    Increase performance in load

      Hi all but especially Dalton Ruer,


      In the below Dalton Ruer commented on March 13 this year on doing transformations in initial script and then saving it into qvds thus only needing to load it once and being able to change e.g. fieldnames etc as you pleases.


      I get the idea but I don't quite understand how to avoid having to reload everything when e.g. loading a new field or giving an existing field an additional name/change of name.


      E.g.: load

      a as 1, b as 2, c as 3 etc and then storing it into qvd


      But what if after at couple of months/years I want to

      load a as 1, a as MyChange, b as 2, c as 3 etc.


      Wouldn't a as MyChange only be "attached" to the new values I load in from that day on and not to the values that already exists in the qvd ?