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    Document CALs tab



      I have an issue with a new QlikView document meaning that when I try to go on Document CALs and add users I don't see the Document CALs tab


      Please see the attached print screen


      How can I solve this and what may be the cause ?

      Is there any setting on QlikView document ?


      Thank you!

      Diana Document_CALs_Tab.jpg

        • Re: Document CALs tab
          Peter Cammaert

          Assigning Doc CALs is a two step process:

          • First you allocate a batch of Doc CALs to a document. This is a pool of reserved Doc CALs for this particular document. No other document can use CALs from this pool. They are locked.
          • Then you assign CALs from this pool to individual users that are thereby granted access to this particular document.


          If you reserved all available Doc CALs to existing documents, the Document CALs tab will stop showing up for documents that have no reservations. You can do two things now:

          • Buy more Doc CALs.
          • Release some CALS from the reservations for documents that do not really need/use that amount yet.


          Of course, first check whether Doc CALs are still available on your QVS. In QMC, go to System->QlikView Server->Client Access Licenses->General->Document CALs.


          Good luck,