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    Cumulative Total Chart with 2+ Dimensions

      I'm stuck on a problem which should be very simple in theory - I'm wanting to produce a line chart showing cumulative sum of Sales across the months in a year, but with multiple lines based on a second dimension, e.g. Product line.


      I have tried using the rangesum(above()) method which works fine in straight table as I can control the sort order. However, when I turn it into a line chart I am forced to place the Product dimension second in order to cut by it, which then makes the above() function refer to the previous product in the same month, rather than the same product in the previous month.


      I've attached a sample qvw showing my attempt, and an Excel file showing what it should produce.


      I'm hoping there's a simple solution as it's a very common use case. Note that I need a solution that does not involve scripting, since I need it to be fully dynamic in real cases and respond to multiple filters and potentially set analysis within the expressions.