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    Get all field values



      I need to concatenate all field values inside a straight table, disregarding the selections made in this field.




      Category     ProductNr

      -------------     ---------------

      A               1

      A               2

      B               1

      B               4

      C               1

      C               5

      C               6

      D               7

      D               8


      A selection is made in field ProductNr, Value 1.

      The straight table with dimension Category and concatenation over ProductNr. displays:


      A               1

      B               1

      C               1


      But what I need is every value given for the selected ProductNr. and the associated Category:


      A               1,2

      B               1,4

      C               1,5,6


      Are there any possibilities via set analysis? I have tried some, but nothing worked...


      Thanks in advance!