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    Title String in the Center and Top of the Dashboard?



      I in the process of creating a Dashboard and struggling with a very first thing - Title String


      1. I created a File--> New and Cancelled of it.

      2. I changed the Main ---> to Dashboard

      3. I put Company's Logo right underneath "Dashboard"

      4. Now, I need a Title String Called "Project Management Dashboard" in the middle of it so that as soon as a PM opens up he//she can see a Title and all the metrics underneath it.


      This should be as simple as 1,2 & 3. Meaning get "Text Object" and drag and drop it or paste it in the middle of the sheet and after double click, write down your text and bold, highlight it as you want. That's it.


      Look at the picture. I want "Summary Dashboard" like title in the middle of the Sheet/Page/Dashboard. It's a struggle.


      Please provide steps and picture if possible.


      Thank You.