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    Reload Qlikview document from SSIS

      Hi Friends,


      I have two servers,

      SQLSvr - database server (Admin Account - Domain\user1)

      QlikSvr - Qlikview server (Account - Domain\user2)


      Domain\user2 has been added to the list of logins on the database server, also I have created proxy for this account on sql server agent, so that I can run the package with this account from database server to reload my qlikview document which is on the Qlikview server.


      Then, I have created a package, included Execute Process Task, I configured it as follows

      1) Executable: \\QlikSvr\E$\Program Files\QV.exe

      2) Arguments: \\QlikSvr\E$\ReloadMasterQVDs.qvw


      Now, I have created a sql agent job and changed runas to Domain\user2 to execute the package.

      When I execute the sql job it's running continuously without any effect.


      Can someone tell me what the problem could be?