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    How to get Real Time Data in Qlikview

    Lalit Chaudhary

      Hi All,


      I have came across the requirement to get the real time data into Qlikview. Informatica has to be used as ETL

      I am having a doubt about the feasibility of getting the real time data into Qlikview. Has anybody done this ????


      Kindly share your thoughts and experience.


      Thanks in Advance


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          Roberto Postma

          If informatica is between the sourcesystems and Qlikview, I think realtime cannot be achieved by definition? I think the best that can be done is that informatica triggers an EDX-task as soon as informatiica is done so that Qlikview will automatically reload afterwards.


          My experience is that often people mention that they _really_ need realtime data, but when you talk a bit longer about why, it isn't needed that it is realtime... So that's my first suggestion: check if it is really needed.


          If it is needed, I would say Qlikview cannot easiliy do this. My 2nd suggestion would be: providing the end-users with a button that triggers reloads (via EDX).


          And another solution can be using direct discovery. I only tested a bit with this but didn't implement this yet. This functionality allows you to get realtime data. When you google on it or search on this community you'll find whitepapers and additional info on it.   

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              Lalit Chaudhary

              Thanks Roberto for your prompt response.

              I had a discussion with the Informatica Technical Guy as per him it is possible to fetch the data from the source system and dump into Dataware House on real time basis. Now getting that real time data from the data ware house to qlikview is a challenge and Client is rigid on his real time requirement. I looked around for Direct Data Discovery on community and found that in a qvw only one table can be used as direct data discovery functionality. And i am also doubtful regarding the performance of using the direct data discovery as for every click the data will be fetched from the data warehouse which is opposite of the Qlikview In Memory capability. I also found on community that there is continuous reload feature which has come up in Qlikview 11 but again i have never used it and not sure how it is goona work.

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              Tresesco B

              Not much aware of Informatica, still may be 'Direct Discovery' , 'Dynamic Update' would be worth a consideration.