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    Need Your Help Community with Code that won't work

      Have to 2 main files coming from SFDC into Qlikview (Activity and Owner).  Need to add a Sales Hierarchy to the Owner file once the table is in qv, but my qv person can't get the code to work.  Any thoughts? Comments?


      if(UserRole = '.ISR' OR UserRole = '.ISR Manager - Team 2' OR UserRole = '.VP Inside' OR UserRole= '.ISR Team 1' OR UserRole = '.ISR Team 2' OR UserRole= '.ISR Team 3' OR UserRole= '.ISR Team 4' OR UserRole= '.ISR Team 5' OR UserRole= '.ISR Team 6',  'ISR',
      if(UserRole = '.ISR India/APAC' OR UserRole = 'Head of India/APAC', 'India/APAC',
      if(UserRole = 'ISR EMEA' OR UserRole = 'ISR Manager EMEA', 'ISR EMEA',
      if(UserRole = '.Account Manager' OR UserRole = '.Director Account Management', 'Account Managers',
      if(UserRole = '.BDA' OR UserRole = '.BDA Manager', 'BDA',
      If(UserRole= '.RSM Federal' OR UserRole= '.RSM Federal II', 'RSM - Fed',
      if(UserRole = '.RSM Outside' OR UserRole = '.VP Outside & International', 'RSM - US',
      if(UserRole = '.RSD International' OR UserRole = '.RSM International', 'RSM - EMEA','Other')))))))) as [Sales Engine Group]

      FROM $(vQVDPath)UserRole_incr.qvd (qvd);