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    Excell and Expressions

    Roman Spyridis

      Hi guys,

      I am relatively new to Qlickview and I have some difficulties with the scritping and barchart bits. I have uploaded and excel file containing some tables and fields containing data.One of these tables is called Branches and another one is called Products. The Product table contains two values. "Existing" and "New". Those values are mapped with arround 20 branches from the Branches table.

      Now I am trying to make a Stacked Bar  chart in Qlickview where Branches table will be the dimension of the chart and the  Products the Expression. What i am trying to show is the persentage of the existing and new products within each branch and the difference between those those two. I understand that i need to compare values "new" and "existing" but both values are in one table and i can't really split them in excel, therefore I need to make a conditional Expression that picks the values individually and stackes them in one bar or make two expressions. One containing the New product info and the other one containing the Existing product info.I have attacghed an image as an example from Excel.

      Could someone guide me step by step of how to do that?

      Thanks in advance