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    "No Connection" in AJAX

    Michael Solomovich

      Here is a problem.
      A client is getting randomly "no connection" error while using AJAX.  It may happen twice a day or once in a few weeks.  As long as one user gets the error, same problem affects all users, that means that the problem is on the QVS side.  It doesn't look as a performance problem, RAM and CPU usage are not hitting any high values.  Restarting QlikView Server service fixes the problem, that is until next time.


      - In Events log:  Error   Session Recovery Failed: An exception (C) occured during create $LASTKNOWNSTATE on document ...

      - in Sessions:    Server shutting down
      - It never happens with IE Plugin
      - Working Set settings are 70/80.
      - QlikView Server service is restarted nightly.
      - Version is 11.20 SR5


      What can be wrong?  How to fix it?


      Thank you,