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    Excel export in Test Server

    Jaime Aguilar

      Hi everybody,


      I have a question regarding Excel exporting and Test Server, Is there any limitation for exporting data to excel (using the export button and/or right click) when using a Test Server?


      My question is because in a project I'm currently working on, I've received complaints from users telling that they are not able to export data to Excel, no matter if they connect through IE Plugin or Ajax Client. I've done tests myself and these are the results:


      • When I tried to export data from IE Plugin, Excel opens but no data is copied
      • When I tried to export from Ajax, I get this error message:

      error xls export.png


      Also, I've checked that this option is allowed in server:

      server excel.png

      So what I think is that

      • Either is a bug
      • something's wrong with network config/security
      • or maybe it is indeed not possible to export data from a test server (however, I searched in documentation there's nothing about this possible limitation)


      Hope somebody could help with this question,


      thanks and best regards,