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    Point in time analysis

    Joaqu�n L�zaro



      I've four variables with this definition:


      1) vDateTo ... selected from a calendar object

      2) vDateFrom ... selected from a calendar object

      3) vDateToPrev  = vDateFrom - (vDateTo - vDateFrom) - 1

      4) vDateFromPrev = vDateTo - (vDateTo - vDateFrom) - 1


      Objective: two periods with the same number of days each one, the selected from calendar and the previous calculated


      I've also two Line Chart with an expression each one


      1) 'Current Expression' sum( {< Database.Date={">=$(vDateFrom)<=$(vDateTo)"} >} Sessions)

      2) 'Previous Expression' sum( {< Database.Date={">=$(vDateFromPrev)<=$(vDateToPrev)"} >} Sessions)


      With two graphics all works fine.


      But ... The request and the challenge that I have is to show ONE line chart with two expressions, but if I write these two expressions I see at left the Prev and at right the Current.


      The dimension is Database.Date, how can I create a chart that shows this two expressions in one overlayed time dimension ... as this example does.



      Thanks in advance,