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    QlikView Deployment Framework Version 1.4.0 is now released

    Magnus Berg

      New release of Qlik Deployment Framework Deploy Tool

      Whats new in version 1.4.0?

      • Optional Example Container including examples is now available (only new QDF setups).All examples stored in 0.Administration container are moved to Example container.
      • Added 9.Misc folder in the containers as storage for documentation, extension objects or whatever needed (only new QDF setups)
      • 99.LoadAll.qvs is now pre-loaded in 4.Custom.qvs (only new QDF setups) removes the need to pre-load sub includes
      • Added new function DynamicContainerGlobalVariables (DCGV) that creates global path variables based on DoDir in combination with Container Map. DCGV can also create global variables on folders not included in the Container Map.
      • Added None option in Deploy Tool Advanced section, to create custom container structures without adding it into Publisher
      • Fixed bug in DoDir sub function when using folder only mode
      • Added new DoDirFileNameCount field in DoDir table