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    expression for date difference between current month and previous month

      Hi All,


      I want to calculate MTBF in that I want difference between first breakdown of the month and last brekdown of previous date .

      But other columns are having expressions monthly then date for previous month won't appear in date field but i want difference


      EX :


      I am having data like this (INput)


      Workcenter   Functional Location     Date                QTY (Expression for the month March)

      A                  X                               02/28/2014                      10

      B                  Y                              03/12/2014                     20     

      C                  Z                              03/20/2014                    30



      I want Output like this (I want to show only March data as march is selected in calnder)    


      Workcenter   Functional Location     Date                               Difference   QTY (Expression for the month March)

      B                  Y                              (03/12/2014-02/28/2014)        12                  20     

      C                  Z                              (03/20/2014 -03/12/2014)        8                   30