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    Meta file isn't created on reload/distribute task

      I'm running into an issue where when I create a task to reload and distribute an app it doesn't generate a .meta file.  I'm running QV 11.2 the authorization is set to DMS.  The task is setup to distribute to a path and give several named user access.  The task runs correctly without any errors,  When I look at the app in user documents and go to authorizations the named users I want don't show, it comes up blank.  When I look in the published folder the app is there and a .shared file is there, but there is no .meta file.  When I look at the permissions on the app the named users I want added are there.  I haven't run into this issue before and it is a bit annoying because if I want the user to have access I have to add them in QMC in the user documents section.  Once I add them, then the .meta file is created.  Just not sure why the task isn't generating this file since it is apparently actually giving the users I want permission to the app file.