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    Loading Qlik Objects at runtime without a full page postback

    Omer Demir



      In an Asp.Net page can we load qlikview objects on a list box's selected index changed event?


      Update Panel method: Using the Following Code:



                  QvObject myQvObject = new QvObject();

                  myQvObject.QlikViewDocument = ListBox1.SelectedValue;

                  myQvObject.ObjectID = ListBox3.SelectedValue;

                  myQvObject.Height = 250;

                  myQvObject.Width = Unit.Parse("100%");

                  widgets.Attributes.Add("style", "width:100%;height:250px;border-collapse:collapse;");

                  widgets.Controls.Add(myQvObject);//panel item inside update panel


      The page didn't trigger a full postback but I get following html output:


      <div style="width:100%;height:250px;border-collapse:collapse;">

        <div class="QvFrame" avqview="metrics" avq="object:.Document\CH38" id="Document\CH38" style="display:none;width:100%;height:250px;"></div>



      Is there any way to achieve that?