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    QMSAPI Add user to Document Calc



      I have a problem with adding user document calc to my documents.


      I use this code below. It says at the SaveDocumentMetaData that there are too many document calcs assigned even though i cannot see any assignments in QMC. I have also tried with code which deletes the user. And i have tried getting a list of assigned users. And the user is not assigned.


      static void AddCAL()


                  QMSClient Client;

                  string QMS = "http://localhost:4799/QMS/Service";

                  Client = new QMSClient("BasicHttpBinding_IQMS", QMS);

                  string key = Client.GetTimeLimitedServiceKey();

                  ServiceKeyClientMessageInspector.ServiceKey = key;



                  ServiceInfo[] MyQVS = Client.GetServices(ServiceTypes.QlikViewServer);

                  DocumentNode[] allDocs = Client.GetUserDocuments(MyQVS[0].ID);

                  DocumentMetaData Meta;

                  //Client.ClearQVSCache(QVSCacheObjects.UserDocumentList); //Clears chaching

                  //Create a couple of strings to hold the name of the QVW we want to work with and the name of the user to add a CAL for.



                  string document = "Report_78390761-CB65-4669-BAAF-5A7BFADA25EE.qvw";

                  string user = "DOMAIN\\qvide";



                  //There is not a "Find document" function in the API and so we need to loop through the DocumentNode array to find the file we want to use.

                  //Once we find it, we extract its meta data and its list of assigned CALs as before. 

                  //Now we create a new AssignedNamedCAL and add the name of the user to it. 

                  //This new object is added to the existing list, pushed back into the meta data and finally the new data is saved back to the server.



                  for (int i = 0; i < allDocs.Length; i++)


                      if (allDocs[i].Name == document)  //If the document matches the one im looking for then apply the changes


                          //Get the meta data for the current document

                          Meta = Client.GetDocumentMetaData(allDocs[i], DocumentMetaDataScope.Licensing);



                          //Extract the current list of Document CALs

                          //CALConfiguration myCalcs = Client.GetCALConfiguration(MyQVS[0].ID,CALConfigurationScope.DocumentCALs);

                          List<AssignedNamedCAL> currentCALs = Meta.Licensing.AssignedCALs.ToList();



                          //Create a new CAL object and set the username for it

                          AssignedNamedCAL newCAL = new AssignedNamedCAL();

                          newCAL.UserName = user;



                          //Add the new cal to the list of CALs object




                          //Add the updated CALs list back to the meta data object

                          Meta.Licensing.AssignedCALs = currentCALs.ToArray();



                          //Save the metadata back to the server






      Does anyone have experience in this?