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    Web view does not display some list boxes, background, slider

      I am using QlikView 11.20.12235.0 SR5 64-bit.

      My users are on Internet Explorer 9.0.8

      My dashboard has 3 tabs, each has 3 visualizations and 3 list boxes. Not that complex and the data is only 200 records.


      Once deployed, my visualizations are significantly downgraded;


      - Background (basic black with gray gradient) does not show on all tabs. Blank white.

      - List box borders do not display for all list boxes.

      - List box text is limited to one row in some, having to scroll to view the next. Some display correctly.

      - Browsing away from one tab then back causes a slight change, list boxes gain or lose formatting.

      - Slider bar goes invisible sometimes.

      - Slider labels go from vertical to horizontal randomly.

      - Bar charts lose labels or gradient color.

      - Objects are generally squeezed (layout/resolution inconsistency between desktop and web?)


      Has anyone experienced any of this? Are there "safe objects" or "safe colors" that are considered bare-bones basic for web display? Do I need a plugin? if so, do all my users need it or just the Access Point?


      Thank you!