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      Hi there,

      I'm looking for a working example of JScript macro's in a qvw .

      The absence of any reference to JScript in manuals or fora makes me wonder if it's being used at all..

      But isn't JScript superior to VBScript? (more functionallity, harder, better, faster, stronger..;-)


      With kind regards,


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          Gordon Savage

          But that is its biggest weakness...... most (all?) QV developers use VBS Big Smile

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            Neil Miller

            You can find a JavaScript section in the API guide.

            I'm one of those developers that likes to stick to VB. Since we are somewhat limited by QlikView macro capabilities, I'm not sure that one has a definite advantage over the other. If JavaScript was faster and offered additional functionality that I couldn't get with VB, I'd be switching.

            My only complaint about JavaScript is that I don't like typing the { brackets. Set analysis uses enough of those already! Wink

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              Oleg Troyansky

              Agree with both replies. Everybody is using VBScript. Even the Automation Reference is written entirely for VBScript. So, my recommendation - go with the flow :-) It always pays in the long run.

              Another recommendation - use sparingly!Macros are a lot of fun, but also a lot of trouble. In my history of 4 major release upgrades (ever since QlikView 5), the only thing that I had to redo every single time is macros, because the API set is changing from one release to another.


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                  We have had numerous firewall issues with clients external to our company network using the plug-in client and hope to convert to using the AJAX client.

                  However, we have been under the impression that VB Script macros will not work in AJAX and must be converted to JScript. Is this true???

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                  Rob Wunderlich

                  I used Jscript in one of my frst applications and have regretted it ever since. You can't mix Jscript and VBS in the same document. The API examples, the code you get on this forum, from other examples -- it's all VBS and you have to go through a conversion effort to reuse it as Jscript. Ugh.

                  It's true that Jscript is much easier in some ways -- for example, array handling. But I've found that I use very few macros and they are quite simple so the language is no big deal.


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                      Is it a mistake to say that Ajax does not support properly VBScript ?

                      Is there any function that works in JavaScript and not in VBScript ?

                      Today I have a problem with a macro that works perfectly using IE Plugin and not with AJAX.

                      That macro just does a copytabletoclipboard and tries to copy it in an Excel spreadsheet.

                      Is it a VBScript Issue and if yes , does that mean I will need to use Javascript to do that function ?






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                          Avez-vous trouvé une réponse à votre question? Je cherche à faire la même chose.


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                              J'ai trouvé une solution qui ne passe pas par le copyClipboard.



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                                  Ce que je veux faire c'est copier des données de Qlikview (version ajax) dans un fichier Excel. Je sais que les Qlikview macros sont très limités dans ajax. J'ai ajouté du script au HTML mais cela ne me donne pas accès aux objets Qlikview. L'option Send to Excel ouvre un spreadsheet vierge avec un nom tiré au hasard. Je veux coller l'information dans le template que j'ai créé. Comment as-tu fait?


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                                      Voici l'exemple de macro utilisée.

                                      Sub Create_Excel

                                      set XLApp = CreateObject("Excel.Application") ' Open the Excel Application
                                      XLApp.Visible = false
                                      On Error Resume Next 'Make the Excel application visible or not (Test Purpose)
                                      set XLDoc = XLApp.Workbooks.Add 'Create a Workbook
                                      If (Err.Number > 0) Then
                                      set v = ActiveDocument.Variables("DebugVariable")
                                      v.SetContent Err.Number , 123
                                      exit sub
                                      End If


                                      XLApp.Worksheets.Add().Name = 'TEST' ' Addition of sheets
                                      set table = ActiveDocument.GetSheetObject( "CH62" )
                                      for RowIter = 0 to table.GetRowCount-1
                                      for ColIter =0 to table.GetColumnCount-1
                                      set cell = table.GetCell(RowIter,ColIter)
                                      XLApp.Worksheets("Overbook-Underbook (Protected)").Cells(RowIter +1, ColIter +1).Value = cell.Text
                                      XLApp.Worksheets(1).Cells.EntireColumn.AutoFit 'Automatic Fit
                                      XLApp.Worksheets(1).cells.WrapText = false 'Disable Wraping text


                                      SaveFile=StrFileName & ";56"
                                      On error resume next
                                      If XLApp.Version < 12 then ' Excel Version Test
                                      xlDoc.SaveAs StrFileName
                                      xlDoc.SaveAs StrFileName , 56
                                      End if
                                      If Err.Number <> 0 then
                                      GetEnvErr="ERROR: Unable to save " & StrFileName
                                      Exit sub
                                      End If
                                      xlDoc.Close True
                                      xlApp.Close 'closes the workbook. "True" means that it saves modifications
                                      xlApp.Quit 'closes excel. it's quite important