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    Same Chart with different selections in Reports



      I have a customer requirement I dont' know how to deal with.


      I am creating a report, and this report needs to have the same  chart, but with diferent  selections. The idea is the user will select a selection ,drop the chart to the report, change the seleccition, drop again the chart to the report, AND the previous chart must no change (so will show the previous selections).


      I know this can be done through alternative states, but the problem is the the number of charts neede is not defined, some times can be 5, some times can be 16, and I hope it is not necessary to create 30 alternative states.


      One solution is that the  user can store the chart as a image, and then put that image in a text object, and the text object in the report.


      This will covert the requeriment, however from webview I can't see how to add the image to a text objetct, I dont see any browse button.


      Any idea?


      Many thanks,