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    Problem with expresion

    André Holmström



      Im kinda new to Qlikview, done basic training in Stockholm.


      My question or my problem consist of.


      I try to make a chart that shows quality kitchen percentage in a chart with top ten salesman.


      qualitykitchen is a variabel with 1 or null.

      orderId is the other variabel im that is unique for all orders.


      So when i do my selection qualitykitchen :


      I can see the total amount of qualitykitchen the top salesman has made, but its not representative though it doesent take in consider how many kitchen they sold. So i would like to make an expression that divide qualitykicthen with amount sold kitchen. That would give me a percentage that is representative.


      But i dont seems to be able to create that.


      Anyone that can point me in the right direction?


      Thx in advance and sorry for the bad spelling.