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    ComboChart and Show Conditional

      I have ComboChart with option showConditional: if (showChart=1,1,0) (showChart is variable).

      Option сalculationConditional is empty.

      I run application with showChart = 0, I dont see ComboChart. Its good.

      But then I save memory Statistics and see that my ComboChart have CalcTime 3267 milliseconds!

      If I write in Option сalculationConditional same conditional:  if (showChart=1,1,0) - then CalcTime is 0.


      My question - how it work? QV begin calс - and only after see option showConditional?

      If I don't see and calc object - I need write option showConditional and calculationConditional together?

      It's work only on ComboChart?