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    load script - prompt user for data file name to reload from

      hi is there a way to prompt the user (by input box) each time a reload is required for the file name for which the data is to be loaded from?

      The excel data file name changes on a monthly basis and therefore it isnt the user friendly option to manually add the path to the load script each time.

      e.g. my script currently looks like the following


      [DEMAND DATA]:
      LOAD Month,
      [\\C:\Program Files\QlikView\Data\Demand Model Version 10.xls]
      (biff, embedded labels, table is [Qlikview Output$]);


      Say if the excel data file has changed to 'Demand Model Version 15.xls'. Would it be possible to include a user input box that prompts the user to enter this new name on reload? This file name can then be used to update the load script file path.


      Any ideas??