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    QV11 SR6 document - can not reload on QV11 SR5



      I have experienced this strange behavior.
      Recently i build application on QlikView 11 SR5. It worked perfectly fine. Then my friend who had already upgraded to SR 6 version took over this project and did some changes to the application.

      When he hits RELOAD button on SR 6 version everything goes OK. He saved That application and sent it back to me. I tried to reload it, and it suddenly hangs on

      LOAD Distinct
      min(num(mz_data))as min_data,
      max(num(today()))as max_data
      QVD\MG_Line.qvd (qvd);


      Script log does not show any information, and QlikView just stops responding.


      Any thoughts on that?


      Tahnks - Lech