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    Invalid expression question

    Bella Mae

      Hi all


      I am getting an invalid expression error when I reload the table below, it does however reload fine without the line highlighted in yellow.  I can't see any glaringly obvious reason for it so any guidance would be greatly appreciated. 


      Invalid expression



                  Description as [Next RR Description],

                  min([Days to expiry]) as [Days to Next expiry],

                  date(num(ReloadTime())+min([Days to expiry])) as Next_Review_Date,

                  num(ReloadTime())+min([Days to expiry]) as %Next_Review_DateDateKey


      Resident LeaseRentReviews

      Group by PML_CODE

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          jagan mohan rao appala



          Is Description column exists in the Resident table, I think it is not there in your script.




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              Bella Mae

              Yes it exists in the resident table


              LOAD PML_CODE,
              PMRV_DESC as [Review Description],
              PMRV_EXPIRY as [Review Date],
              date(PMRV_EXPIRY) as Review_Date,
                   num(PMRV_EXPIRY) as %Review_DateDateKey,
                   PMRV_FCRENT as [Rent from prior review],
              PMRV_MRENT as [Current Market Rent],
              PMRV_RACHET as [Fixed Ratchet Rent],
              FV_AAMOUNT as [Calculated by script Annual Percentage],
              FV_MRIRENT as [Calculated Market Rent Index Rent],
              PerAnnumBasis as [Per Annum Basis],
              PMRV_AMOUNT as [Fixed Amount],
              PMRV_APERC as [Annual Percentage],

                   PMRV_ARENT as [Actual Rent],
              PMRV_CPI as [CPI Percentage],
              PMRV_FORECAST as [Forecasted Rent],
              PMRV_FPERC as [Fixed Percentage],
              PMRV_MRI as [MRI Percentage],
              PMRV_NOTES as [Review Notes],
              PMRV_THOLD as [Turnover Threshold],
              PMRV_TPERC as [Turnover Percentage],
              PMRV_TRENT as [Turnover Base Rent],
              PMRV_TURNAMOUNT as [Estimated Turnover Amount],
              PMRV_TURNRENT as [Turnover Rent],
              FixedPercentageFigure as [Fixed Percentage Figure],
              MarketIndex as [Market Index Percentage],
              MarketIndex2 as [Market Index Percentage 2nd Option],
              MOD_DATE as [Modified Date],
              PMRVT_ANLP as [Annual Percentage1],
              PMRVT_ANLP2 as [Annual Percentage 2nd Option],
              PMRVT_CM as [Current Market],
              PMRVT_CM2 as [Current Market 2nd Option],
              PMRVT_CPI as [CPI Percentage1],
              PMRVT_CPI2 as [CPI Percenatge 2nd Option],
              PMRVT_DESC as Description,
              PMRVT_FIXA as [Fixed Amount1],
              PMRVT_FIXA2 as [Fixed Amount 2nd Option],
              PMRVT_FIXP as [Fixed Percentage1],
              PMRVT_FIXP2 as [Fixed Amount 2nd Option1],
              PMRVT_TURNP as [Turnover Amount],
              PMRVT_TURNP2 as [Turnover Amount 2nd Option],
              Description as Status,
              if (Description='Available', (num(PMRV_EXPIRY)-num(ReloadTime())),Null()) as [Days to expiry]