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    Removing text and other files from NAS/SAN while Publisher auto reloads

    Sudeep Mahapatra

      Hi All,

      We have a requirement to remove files from the data sources folder (NAS/SAN) after the data is imported from the files to the QVW.

      From one of the previous posts I found the given below command to remove files from our shared file server (NAS/SAN).

      1. EXECUTE cmd.exe /c del abc.txt; and

      2. Enable: User Preference > Security >  Script (allow Database Write and Execute statements)


      This command works fine in my local system but when I tried to execute it from Publisher using manual/auto reload the files didn't get removed and I also didn't see any error message in the logs.


      Given below is little bit about our environment setup.

      1. Single Publisher on a dedicated machine

      2. NAS/SAN is attached to Publisher through network

      3. QVWs and data files are posted to NAS/SAN.


      Kindly provide suggestions. Thanks in advance.