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    Shared or Server Bookmark on Dynamic Columns

    Atsushi Saijo

      Dear Gurus, I encountered a server bookmark issue. I can create server bookmark, but bookmark do not work. I detail the issue hereby, hoping feedback.


      Attached is also the sample application where dynamic columns are prepared in test data.

      Error 13.jpg

      [First Step]

      I have created bookmark on my local QV. The selection (Col 1 and Col 3) is stored in the bookmark. Whenever I clear or select full, local bookmark always gets me to Col 1 and Col 3.


      [Second Step]

      But when we place this on the server, this (local) bookmark do not work. Here is the server version (via AccessPoint through Web Browser).

      Error 16.jpg

      I can see what I have created locally, but this does not work.


      Error 17.jpg

      So I create the bookmark on the server.

      Error 18.jpg


      Bookmark is created. Now, testing it: does not work.

      Error 19.jpg

      Is there anywhere we have to be careful? (like server configuration to allow user to bookmark etc?)

      At least, on Windows Active Directory, I have full CRUD on the QV file path. But is this sufficient?


      *We do not have publisher, but have server version. I attempted to create bookmark via AccessPoint.

      Error 20.jpg

      Please advise.

        • Re: Shared or Server Bookmark on Dynamic Columns
          Atsushi Saijo

          Hello, another contractor working at client side has resolved this issue. This requires server side setting.

          Here is the procedure:


          1. Open the QV file, as Open in Server.

          Error 1.jpg

          2. Proceed to View > Server Objects

          Error 2.jpg

          3. Then go More

          Error 3.jpg

          4. The options are different from what we see on local dev version. Go Shared Server Bookmarks, and tick 'Show' on top of the row.

          Error 4.jpg

          5. Subsequently, users start seeing the shared bookmark.

          Error 5.jpg

          As in the attached sheet, my side and server side has all enabled the bookmark to be shared in Document Property (local development) and Setting (Server Management Console).


          I hope this contribute to the developper with similar issue. I also apprecaite the contractor working at client.