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    how to pass over empty files on file load?

    Steve Lord

      Hi, I have files automatically saved to a folder for activity taking place, and sometimes there are days where no activity takes place and the file is empty.


      On days of activity, the file will have 3 tabs showing the activity in different ways, and my script is loading data from tab 2 which ahs the data I need.

      On days of no activity, the file will have 1 tab containing a couple of lines about no activity and the other two tabs will not be present.


      Solution I tried was to identify the file size of empty files and add where filesize()>20000; to try to make it only look at files containing data.  The empty files are all the same ~20kb file size, and files with data are 60kb for one group and 120kb+ for another group, so I have plenty of leeway to say >30000 bytes and such.  Even so, the qlikview is still tripping on the empty files.


      Any ideas on a modification to this approach, or another approach I can use?  (Other than a recurring manual activity to isolate empty files and remove if present every day.)  Thanks!